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From green to orange: Autumn update

Previously we shared what we’d been up to for the first few months of the year, here’s some updates on how things have gone since.

It wasn’t long before little green balls started to appear and slowly swell into magnificent pumpkins. Some even grew onto their Christmas tree neighbours.

After a few weeks the pumpkins started to turn orange and Autumn started to feel a little bit closer.

Once ready, we cut the pumpkins from their vines to try and stop any disease getting into them, preventing them from going nasty and rotten.

Whilst harvesting, we moved the pumpkins to one side and mowed where they were grown to remove any weeds and make the patch more accessible - otherwise nobody would be able to get in!

We're now busy getting everything ready to open in October on the following days:

  • 7 - 8th October

  • 14 - 15th October

  • Daily from the 21st October - until we run out of stock so check Facebook or Instagram to make sure we're still open before heading over.

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